Brexit for Burton Upon Trent Escorts

Brexit for Burton escorts

The uncertainty of Brexit is causing major concern for Burton escorts and the clients who use them. For decades there has been peace and tranquility for European escorts and Non-EU escorts who work in Burton-upon-Trent. Previously, European escorts have had freedom of movement and work visas to work legally in Burton. Local clients and those visiting the area have had the pleasure of visiting Burton escorts with different nationalities, cultures and accents. But since the 2016 referendum, the selection of Burton escorts has changed and declined.  

Brexit has caused an increase in xenophobic violence and racism towards our European escorts who work in Burton. Whilst British citizens were frustrated with immigration, our European companions have suffered. Not to mention Burton´s loyal clients who are immigrants. During the festival of Ramadan, Burton escort agencies saw a booking decrease of 52%. Burton escorts depend on immigrants booking them as a source of income.  

Burton has seen a decrease of escort work applications. French escorts, Spanish escorts, German escorts and Polish escorts who made up a large percentage of the Burton escort industry are not returning. The beautiful Russian escorts and Romanian escorts, who are known for their availability and hardworking attitudes have decided not to return. They have a different mentality to British escorts who prefer to work limited hours and waste all their earnings on partying. The clients and visitors of burton need European escorts to ensure there is availability. Without escort services there is a rise in sexual crimes. There is also a rise is depression and isolation. Which has a knock-on-effect to alcoholism and drug use. Therefore, more pressure on the NHS. How many naive clients voted as a brexiteer before thinking of the consequences? How many clients have lost their favourite European escort because they voted to leave the European union? But now they are not allowed to change their minds and vote remain!  

Burton escort agencies are struggling financially because of Brexit. The British public have been lied to by the government and media. And now as a consequence there are less escorts in Burton upon Trent. The citizens who voted to end our European alliance forget how much money escorts in Burton put into the local economy. With less escorts there are less bookings in hotels and restaurants. There is less money being spent on adult clothes, toys and uniforms.  

The majority of clients do not like to visit the same escort twice. They prefer variety! And now, because of Brexit, there is no variety. All the Burton escort industry can hope is; there will be a second referendum and all this nonsense will be forgotten about. Burton says Bollox to Brexit!